Frequently Asked Questions

Am I going to have to personalize cover letters and resumes for hundreds of recruiters?

No way. We recommend having a general cover letter and resume prepared that you can send to all the recruiters. If a recruiter gets back to you with a promising opportunity, then you can always customize it at that point for that particular position.

Can you guarantee that I’ll get a job?

Nope. Sorry. To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, there are no guarantees in life except death and taxes. But you DO have our word that we’ve done a ton of research and put a boatload of effort into helping you raise your chances of landing your ideal opportunity.

Can’t I just do my own research and come up with a list of recruiters myself?

Theoretically, you could… but prepare to spend months and months doing the research required to gather that list—and even then, it likely won’t be as good and comprehensive as ours. (Besides: wouldn’t you rather be making money during all that time? Thought so.)

Can’t I just find and connect to recruiters through LinkedIn?

You betcha! But, do you want to spend days upon days, weeks upon weeks, and possibly months upon months scouring LinkedIn attempting to find AND get the attention of hundreds and hundreds of recruiters? Guess what: we’ve already done all that work for you! Our database includes most of the recruiters you’ll find on LinkedIn. Rather than wasting countless, exhausting hours DMing them, you’ll be able to connect to them, INSTANTLY.

Does it really only take a few minutes to send out my resume?

100%. In fact, it can take as little as 60 seconds.

Does JobResQ offer a recruiter list for my specific industry? How do I know you’ll have the right recruiters for the kind of job I want?

We serve job seekers in MANY different sectors and many different industries. We do not, however, have lists for specific industries. The reason is simple. Our database is primarily made up of large-scale recruiting firms and employment agencies that have several divisions and recruit for a wide range of industries. In addition, even if the recruiter receiving your email doesn’t recruit for your industry, they may start in a month from now—or have a connection to someone who does and pass your name on. In a nutshell? Ya never know what a connection could do for you down the road! By casting a large net, your prospects for finding a job will be much higher.

This all sounds way too easy. What about “no pain, no gain”?

Contrary to popular belief, success comes from working SMARTER, not HARDER. Don’t waste hours and hours running like a hamster on a wheel. In a few clicks, you can get instant access to hundreds of potential connections. That’s called working smarter.

Won’t my email message just be considered “junk mail” by the recruiters?

Absolutely not. These recruiters have a considerable financial incentive to find each and every candidate that comes their way an excellent job. In fact, the higher the salary they help you negotiate, the more they get paid. So not only will you NOT be considered junk mail, but they’ll actually invest time in getting you the best—and best paying—job they can.